Gabriel Beristain

Gabriel Beristain was born in Mexico into a theatrical dynasty. His interest in filmmaking began with his involvement in Mexico’s independent film scene. Having settled in England, the Berlin Film Festival honoured him in 1987 with a Special Silver Bear ‘for outstanding single achievement’ in Cinematography and Visual Style for Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio. Subsequent work in films like the multi-part Aria (1987), as the sole cinematographer with two segments, one of them for legendary director Ken Russell, earned him an invitation into the British Society of Cinematographers in 1990 and, a decade later, he was invited into the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers. Besides photography for Marvel films, he photographed Item 47 and Agent Carter the Marvel One-Shot shorts. Besides the prestigious ASC and BSC, Gabriel Beristain is also member of the AMC, AMPAS, and BAFTA LA.